Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas 2009 was again just as wonderful as always. This year we all went to Rick and Beth's and enjoyed each others company. Wanted to post this picture of our crew. Each year we seem to grow. This year we added Carrie to our crew. Well, she has really been apart of our crazy bunch for many years, but on Dec. 5 Chad and Carrie tied the knot, so now she is officially one of us crazy Thornton/Stevens/Daniel crew.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Another fun-filled family gathering for us today. It was a scorcher so much of the day was spent IN the pool, or like my brother-in-law, Bill and my dad, in the house watching golf. The water temps were upper 80's so pleasant; maybe a little on the warm side for some, but not for me. We cooked hot dogs, hamburgers and salmon on the grill. Poor Chuck, here it is Father's Day and he is the one burning up and sweating on the food, over the grill. YUK!! (there is seriously something wrong with my husband, must be the heat from the grill, thank you Chad and Carrie, LOL). And why is that the wind always changes directions when you are grilling, following you around the grill. never have been able to figure that one out. Anyway, we had a great time. together.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lake Martin

Bryan had games on Friday and Saturday, June 12 and 13 in Columbus, Ga. Chuck and decided to head to Lake Martin, in Alabame, and spend the weekend with Tim and Shawna at their condo. We went from Bryan's game directly to the lake and what a great time we had. We arrived there Friday night, pretty late so basically just hit the sack. We got up early on Saturday, and got out on the lake in boat. We cruised over to a very lovely restaurant about 3o minutes down the lake and ate brunch. We sat there a while talking and waiting for the rain, which quickly came up on his, to stop. Once we saw a break in the clouds we headed back to the condo, until the weather cleared. Well on the way back it started to rain, and boy did it come down. Shawna and I decided that we would get down on the floor of the boat in order to try and stay dry. That didn't really work, but it was better than what Tim went through, you decide, who/what does he look like. (Tim was getting blasted by the rain while driving the boat)
Once we got back to the condo and dried off and after a little relaxing it was time for Chuck and I to head back to Columbus for Bryan's game. We decided to go get a quick bite to eat, and while we were eating Bryan had called and told us to just stay that it would not be worth us driving the hour their to watch him pitch one inning. (Good call, as he really had a rough outing that day). Anyway, we did get back out on the boat and spent some time just driving around and looking at the beautiful houses on the lake. I think I found the one that I want to buy.

Here it is my new home.
We went back out on the boat later that night. Headed to Chuck's. I remember that place when I was in college. It was deja vu. Anyway, we hung there listened to karaoke, then headed back, in the dark. I have not driven a boat in mega mega years, but did in the dark of the night, but I got us back safely.

On Sunday we again headed to the boat for another day on the lake. We drove to The Rock.
Another memory from days ago. No, none of us got the nerve to jump. After being out for a bit it started looking dark so we headed to Chucks again, ordered pizza, brought it back to the condo and ate it by the pool. The sky was getting darker and darker so Tim and Chuck took the boat to the marina, Shawna drove to pick them up while I stayed at the condo to pack and get ready to head home. Well the heavens opened, the winds started and the electricity went out. Yup, I was there by myself, actually sent to the center of the condo for a bit as the winds really picked up. It got really hairy for a little while, but it was kind of cool. Was hoping to catch a tornado on my cell, put this is what I got instead. We headed back home after the weather began to cooperate. Great times, can't wait to go back. Hopefully, soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Half a Century Old

Half a Century ........are you kidding me
Wow, so half a century ago, (yes, 50 years) I entered into this wonderful world. Today my darling husband and I decided to celebrate at the Braves game, (I know your saying it's her birthday, but I LOVE the braves and that is what I wanted to do), on such a hot, scorching, heat infested day. The game was smack in the middle of the day, 1:10 to be exact. First I had to drop my car for its check up, (much needed before we all head off to the beach in July) then we headed to the game, but first we stopped to grab a sub real quick. When we got to the game as we were walking in, Chuck got a phone call and needed to head back to the truck to get a phone number for his secretary. Now I'm thinking, wow, Jackie always has all that stuff (she's a great secretary) why in the world does she not have the phone number that she needs. Anyway, we head back to the truck and I see Bryan walking in the parking. I'm thinking what the heck, he didn't even tell me he was coming to the game. Then right behind him I see my sister, Karen and then Natalie. Ok, so SURPRISE is on me. What a great surprise it was. I was then wondering where everyone else was, but of course it was a Thurs. in the middle of the day, and so people do have to work. We get our tickets, and proceed to sit down and scorch ourselves. Actually, Chuck did great, the seats were in the sun, up until the 3rd inning and then we were shaded by the overhang. Of course it was till very hot. Anyway, just after the game began here comes the people that had the seats right next to us. YUP, Chad, Carrie, Meredith and Cole. Another surprise!!! Especially since Chad had not worked the day before, as he was in a golf tournament with Chuck. (It was a work related golf tournament which also included going to the braves game that night in a suite). Gosh, why didn't Chuck get a suite for all of us today we would have been in the air conditioning with all the food and drink we wanted. JKJK.
Caitlyn had soccer tryouts so she was not able to make the game. (Cait I did miss you alot, I promise). Just as the game was ending, it started to rain and then all @#$$ broke loose. As you can see by the pictures. We luckily found a spot near the stairwell and just hung there until the winds died down and the rain stopped. It was crazy. The braves lost dang it, but then we headed on to finish up my day. We all went to Red Lobster for dinner, where Whitney, Cole's girlfriend met us too. Dinner was great and of course the waiter and waitress' sang and brought in the cake that Karen had arranged. (We were going to hang out after the game and celebrate with the cake and all, but due to the torrential downpour that put a real damper on that). The day was just awesome!! One that I will remember. Thanks all, I love each and everyone of you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our 4th Grandchild Arrives in America

On Monday, June 1, Nathan Elias Thornton, came home to the United States. Nick and Sherry arrived back in Atlanta at about 2:30, where they were greated by Austin and Olivia, Nathan's big brother and sister. Nathan's Uncle Chad and Aunt Carrie where there with Meredith, too. Sherry's mom was also at the airport. Chuck and I were not able to make it as we were in Columbus with Caitlyn at State Cup. It didn't take us long to meet our 4th grandchild and we fell in love with him right away. Nathan is the happiest little guy. It is very evident that he had a wonderful nanny to take care of him at the orphanage. Let me tell you what we know about Nathan's life in Ethiopia.

Sometime around Christmas, I believe very close to Christmas day, Nathan's birth mom
brought him into a coffee shop, handed him to one of the workers and said she could not provide for him. Nathan was placed in an orphanage. He was apparently to be placed in another home, but the family for some reason, chose not to accept him. (God had had another home in mind) Nick and Sherry were next and that is how Nathan became theirs. He was born with the fingers on his left hand basically stunted, they did ot develop from the first knuckle down, however, that has not stopped him from using that hand. He is able to grasp objects, hold your finger (and what a grip he has) and he evens sucks on what Sherry calls "two of his little knubs" :) Other than his hand Nathan is healthy and extremely happy; truely laid back, (at least that is the side I see), I know he does have his moments, but don't we all. ::))

Nathan is a true blessing fro
m God. His big brother, Austin, and his big sister, Olivia, love him 'lots. They are so good with him. We look so forward to watching him grow.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bryan's home from College

Wow, completion of year number two at Kennesaw State. It's hard to believe that Bryan has completed his second year of college and he has decided to spend the summer at home, only because he has decided to play baseball AGAIN!!!! He was asked to play on the Newnan Braves, who play in the highly competitive Great South League. The GSL is a summer Collegiate Baseball League made up of current College Players (yes and Bryan) from the top baseball programs throughout the country. They play a majority of their games in Newnan, with a few in Cobb County, Columbus and Alabama. This should be fun for Bryan, he hopes that maybe someone will see him and that he will have an opportunity to go play somewhere. You never know. He truly misses the game and I think has a greater appreciation for it at this time. Keep your fingers crossed for him. I will post some pictures as I get them. He starts tonight, but I am not going, as they are in Columbus(lost 7-4) . Tomorrow through Sat. they will be in Newnan, so I will hit the diamond at that time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chuck's 50th Birthday

Happy Birthday Chuck!!! :)

This post is a little out of order, don't know how I did this. I think I thought I had already posted this. My mind, is not what it use to be. Oh I forgot 50 is just around the corner for me too. On April 22, Chuck turned 50!!! Wow, a whole half a century. Now that sounds old, but he can't be that old because he still plays softball. Anyway, last summer when we were on the plan flying to the Outer Banks, Chuck was looking at the flight magazine that they always have on the plane, and there was an article about San Antonio and the Riverwalk and it was at that time I decided that was going to be his 50th birthday present as well as our anniversary gift to him. (We celebrated out 13th anniversary on Mother's Day). I had it all worked out and got to dream about it for a little while, but instead here are the gifts that he received:

1) Front porch: had to be added so that we had protection from the rain. We had a major leak that ruined the hall floor.

2) New front door: love this!!!

3) Pool liner: I went out to backwash the pool and low and behold the sides were all buckled out. Time for a new pool liner. It is so nice to sit out back now and be able to enjoy the beauty of our pool. (That is IT will be nice to sit out back and enjoy the beauty of our pool)

3) New hall floor: once the door is done the floor will be put in. Yeah!!!

4) And then at some time the front lawn will get sodded.

Oh well, maybe for his 75th I will be able to afford a real gift.

5) Night with the family: by far the best gift of all. I had the FAM over, and we did enjoy the pool. Water was a bit cold and Natalie was the only one that got in, but the time with everyone was priceless as usual.

Four generations of Thornton boys.